Osi_Ichimoku Package Update - Nov. 19, 2014

We have made updates to the following indicators.

  • Osi_Ichimoku indicator.
  • Osi_IchimokuScanner indicator.
  • Osi_IchimokuCombo indicator package.

For details of the enhancements, see the ChangeLog below.

You will have to uninstall your current version before you install the new version. If you are unsure about how to update your indicator, click here for instructions.

To obtain the update, use the link in your purchase receipt, to download the current version of the indicator. If you no longer have your receipt, kindly send email to . We shall be pleased to provide a duplicate receipt.


Change Log

1. Osi_Ichimoku


Osi_Ichimoku v1.3 modified Nov. 19, 2014

Summary of changes

  1. Artifacts when the bar-spacing was changed by dragging the mouse, have been resolved.
  2. Future Kumo Plots are turned on by default.
  3. The Kumo Plot changes color to reflect where it is located on the chart, by adopting the color of the background of the area where it is located.
  4. Assigned DefaultValueAttributes.

Osi_Ichimoku v1.21 modified Nov. 10, 2014

Summary of changes

  1. When called from another class, the Osi_Ichimoku indicator was suffering a NullReferenceException that was not being handled. This has been corrected.
  2. Plots display order has been reordered so that plots are numbered in the same order that they are listed in the PropertyGrid.

Osi_Ichimoku v1.2 modified Oct. 30, 2014

Summary of changes

  1. Minor bug and cosmetic fixes.

Osi_Ichimoku v1.1 modified Sept. 7, 2014

Summary of changes

  1. Minor bug and cosmetic fixes.

Osi_Ichimoku v1.0 Originally written July 1, 2014


2. Osi_IchimokuScanner


Osi_IchimokuScanner v1.2 modified Nov. 19, 2014

Summary of changes

  1. When CalculateOnBarClose is false, signal arrows will update in real time, drawing and being erased as conditions change on the last bar being plotted.
  2. Signal arrows are drawn only on exact specified conditions being first satisfied after they were no longer satisfied.
  3. Changed default colors, for better contrast.
  4. Changed descriptions of parameters to show them as conditions that must be satisfied, rather than questions.
  5. Enhanced descriptions on other color and marker parameters.
  6. Assigned DefaultValueAttributes.
  7. Plot called "MktPosition" renamed to "MktPosture"; more reflective of its reality.
  8. The "MktPosture" colors can be set by user.
  9. Total TrendStrength plotted, instead of the strength after filtering through the scan.
  10. Threshold qualifying TrendStrength printed on chart.
  11. If both bull and bear Ichimoku conditions are satisfied simultaneously, the MktPosture colors are blended, and so are the chart BackColors.

Osi_IchimokuScanner v1.11 modified Nov. 10, 2014

Summary of changes

  1. Reordered Plots so that they plot in order listed.

Osi_IchimokuScanner v1.1 modified July 2, 2014

Summary of changes

  1. Added slope filter. No signal on flat Tenkan-sen or Kijun-sen.
  2. Added user parameters to specify signal markers.

Osi_IchimokuScanner v 1.0 Originally written May 3, 2014