Osi_BreakoutExtents Update - August 6, 2015

We have made updates to the Osi_BreakoutExtents indicator.

For details of the enhancements, see the ChangeLog below.

You will have to uninstall your current version before you install the new version. If you are unsure about how to update your indicator, click here for instructions.

To obtain the update, use the link in your purchase receipt, to download the current version of the indicator. If you no longer have your receipt, kindly send email to . We shall be pleased to provide a duplicate receipt.

Your current license remains valid. You do not have to separately register a new license for this new version.


Change Log


Osi_BreakoutExtents v2.01 modified August 10, 2015

Summary of changes

  1. Display of probabilities can be shown as a percentage, or fraction. Previously they were shown only as fractions.
  2. Some display inconsistencies were corrected.

Osi_BreakoutExtents v2.0 modified August 6, 2015

Summary of changes

  1. ATR lookback period and multiplier can be specified as user-parameters.
  2. Probable risk was being based on BarRisk. It is now broken out to show it separately, based on ATR(...) Risk and BarRisk.
  3. Reward/Risk ratio is similarly broken out to be shown separately for ATR(...)Risk and BarRisk.
  4. Parameters for calculating expectancy are stated in the output table.
  5. Made clearer that Reward/Risk is calculated based on Expectancy, not absolute ticks.
  6. Added indicator version number to table header.

Osi_BreakoutExtents v1.2 modified July 8, 2015

Summary of changes

  1. Changed to using generic Lists instead of ArrayList.
  2. Added choice to draw information on chart or separate panel. Only a sumnmary is shown if displayed on chart: full information is shown if displayed on separate panel.
  3. Standard Deviation calculations removed.
  4. All Plots removed.

Osi_BreakoutExtents v1.1 modified Sept. 2, 2014

Summary of changes

  1. Plots can be selectively hidden.
  2. New formatting for the InfoPanel text display.
  3. Added information about overall statistical count percentages of various extents, to InfoPanel.

Osi_BreakoutExtents v1.0 Originally written Aug. 1, 2014