Custom Programming

At this time, we offer services related to programming NinjaTrader indicators and strategies.

  • Custom Indicators
  • Custom Strategies
  • Custom Alerts
  • Evaluation and Improvement of Automated Strategies

We can transform manual trading approaches into fully automated trading strategies, or indicators providing visual cues for manual trading.

This is a long process that involves:

  • Writing the Strategy and necessary indicators if any.
  • Writing any Alert routines if required.
  • Back testing strategies.
  • Evaluating and optimizing Strategies.

We can help you turn your ideas into a working reality.

A note of caution:

Many, if not most strategies, cannot be made profitable, even with optimization. Others can be made to look profitable with optimization, but the optimized parameters are so restricted that to all intents and purposes, the strategy is merely curve-fitting past results to achieve a profitable outcome. Such a curve-fitted strategy will most likely produce very poor results going forward.

The viability of a strategy can only be determined after it is coded and attempts have been made to BackTest and Optimize the strategy. This takes considerable time. As we cannot, and will not, guarantee that a strategy can be made profitable, we will not take any responsibility if your strategy cannot be made profitable. You will be expected to fully pay for the time that we have spent working on the strategy. That is part of the reason why, before we commence coding, we require a part payment of any estimate that we provide. We shall only start coding after we receive the first payment. Payment details are in our Technical Specifications and Scope Of Work document.


How does it work?

  1. To contact us for custom programming services, you may send email to:
  2. After you formulate your requirements, we shall draw up a Technical Specification, which details what you expect the code to do, and how it is expected to work.
  3. When you approve this document, we shall draw up a Scope Of Work document. This details what we are expected to deliver, and what tests should fulfilled, in order for the Technical Specification to have been satisfied.
  4. When you approve this document, we shall start coding, subject to the payment terms described in our Technical Specifications and Scope Of Work document.

Note: We shall not do any informal coding: we shall only start coding after we have an approved Technical Specification and a Scope of Work document. This will drive all that we do. With a document that details what is required, we are both protected. We can use the document to prove that we have done all that is required, and you can use the document to prove that we have not, if such is the case. The aforesaid Technical Specifications and Scope Of Work document details our payment terms and code delivery terms. For the avoidance of doubt, we shall generally provide protected dll code, not source code. This is because much of our work uses code libraries that we have written, that contain our trade secrets, and that we shall not distribute. Until we receive final payment, any code we deliver will be subject to license restrictions. After final payment, we shall deliver code which will never require a license check, not just code with a perpetual license.


What are the Terms of Payment

We usually work with a fixed price per hour, though on large projects, it is possible to negotiate a rate for the entire project. While full payment terms are specified in the Technical Specifications and Scope Of Work document, and this will be the final determinant of terms, we shall generally require a 50% deposit of the estimated costs, prior to the start of any coding work.


How long will it take to complete a project

Delivery times will be specified in the specific Scope of Work document for the project. Most projects can usually be completed within a week, after final requirements have been met.