1. Osi_MktFatigue shows that downtrend may be done. (Strategy is short.)
  2. Osi_PASRZ Zone1 zone with an upbar, confirms that this may be support. (If trading manually, we would probably have exited the short, but the Strategy holds the short).
  3. Osi_PASRZ, Zone2 has a down bar, after price almost touching the ValueAreaHigh (resistance) on a day when we went up on weak Market Internals. Is this resistance then?
  4. Up bar seems to have bounced off the retest of Zone1 marker - support?. (Strategy reversed to Long)
  5. Down bar bounces off the Zone2 marker - resistance?. (Strategy reverses to short). By now the Market Internals have come so far off the morning values, that we may be seeing a trend day down.
  6. We slice through what was support without any pause. Zone1 is now probably resistance, especially given the Market Internals deepening turn down.
  7. We retrace, and do not even reach resistance. (On the first down bar, Strategy adds to profitable position).
  8. We never hold overnight, so we exit at the end of the day.

Price: $297.00