Trend Indicators

Trend Indicators are often some kind of moving average, and we certainly have those, suitable smoothed or otherwise with a novel twist that helps us see the market a bit differently from most.

One of the more interesting of these is the Osi Market Trajectory Indicator. This one uses the period of the dominant market cycle, (remember we said that it could be calculated and used?), to determine a smoothed average of price, that hugs the market much better than any other indicator we have seen. Based as it is on the market's changing dominant cycle, it is again one of our Cycle-Adaptive Indicators, and closely reflect the true average price at which the market has most recently been transacting business. It is extremely reactive to changes of market direction, without the usually accompanying choppy action that is displayed by fast timeframe moving averages.

The Osi Market Trajectory Indicator is still in our beta test, but should soon be coming to a place near you !