Market Exhaustion Indicators

Indicators in this class are an attempt to detemine when market moves are exhausted to one side or the other. They are not really an attempt to pick tops or bottoms. Rather they are providing information that the market is taking a breather. Whether the market will continue in its direction or reverse after the pause can only be determined by looking at other factors, such as the kind of day indicated by the Market Intenals, and whether the market is at a price that is indicated as support or resistance by other indicators.

Often, these kinds of indicators also act as Support/Resistance Indicators, but there are other indicators in this class that cannot really be classified as Support/Resistance Indicators.

Osi Price Action Support-Resistance Zones

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This indicator attempts to find areas where the market pauses, based on price and volume action, in both quantity and speed. 3 time slots are defined by the user, and each time slot has its Support/Resistance zones determined as the day progresses. Once a time slot's end time is exceeded, the determined Support/Resistance is drawn to the end of the trading day. If you need the day divided into more than 3 time slots, load multiple copies of the indicator.

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Osi Volume Balance Oscillator

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The Osi Volume Balance Oscillator is another, optionally, adaptive oscillator. It is independent of price, and based only on volume, the theory being that volume precedes price. As it is not a derivative of price, its action can only be read as another look at what price is likely to do. It cannot be classified as either a lagging or leading indicator, but its action does suggest that it may be a good precursor of price action, based as the indicator is on volume. It is largely based on the net volume over the measuring period, turned into an oscillator.

When using this indicator, the trader does not need to have to determine and select a period for calculation. Instead the calculation period used, on each bar, is a specified, user-selectable, factor of the period of the dominant wave as measured on that bar: quarter-wave, half-wave or full-wave.

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