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On this site you will find many indicators that are used to provide indications of price action to help trade the equity markets.

  • Many of these indicators have been written so that they adjust the period used in their calculation to be equal to the dominant period of the changing prices in the markets. We believe this to be one of our major selling points.
  • There are also indicators that adjust their properties based on the measured recent volatility: moving faster as volatility increases, and slowing down as the market stagnates.
  • Other indicators are designed to show when markets are turning or stagnating. There are many other indicators available elsewhere that purport to do the same, some admirably, and some abominably. The indicators here use some novel concepts not generally used elsewhere. These concepts generally have a sound mathematical basis, derived from digital signal processing and/or statistical concepts.

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A Word About Indicators

The Indicator Problem - what calculation period to use

Adaptive Indicator types

Other types of Indicators