About Us


We strive to provide quality, value-added products and services to the capital markets trading community, in an efficient and cost effective manner, while protecting and safeguarding the interests of all stakeholders in what we do.

What we do

OmegaSigma Tradecraft uses NinjaTrader, and NinjaScript to develop innovative software, and execution solutions, for professional traders.

We develop indicators and automated strategies for any price or volume based market event, such as indicator actions like crossovers, volume spikes, or candlestick formations. We, at this time, do not provide any solutions to news-driven events, not even an unconditional quick exit before the event.

How our software can be used

Our software can can be used for trading stocks, currency pairs and futures on major world exchanges. We design software for traders of all abilities, and with differing trading needs and goals: seasoned traders and investors; traders with low capital; and new traders and investors.

Who are we?

We are a small group of traders, bloggers and programmers, with various analytical and other mathematically based skills. Over the years, other traders, as well as ourselves have developed different trading approaches and methodologies to trade our own accounts. Many of these methods required mathematical calculations based on price/volume events. The sheer speed of the markets, and the nature of these calculations, caused us to write computer programs to handle the heavy work. This, we ended up translating the ideas of various traders and ourselves into indicators and even strategies. We are making these indicators available to our customers.